What we do

We work during the planning and construction stages of infrastructure projects, helping our customers to engage, listen, adapt and communicate.

We embrace digital and visualisation technologies to communicate complex ideas simply

Community engagement

  • Specialists in on-the-ground engagement
  • Anticipation of community issues and concerns – we help projects to adapt to move forward
  • Identification and management of key local factors determining consents applications
  • Pre-works notifications – visual, digital and traditional, always clear and concise

Stakeholder engagement

  • Engagement planning and stakeholder analysis
  • Early-stages technical engagement to optimise proposals
  • Anticipating stakeholder-related risks and helping to avoid or mitigate them
  • Working in client teams to help build engagement tools and capabilities

Public consultation

  • Planning and delivering public consultation campaigns
  • Preparing consultation and communications materials
  • Ensuring alignment with UK consenting requirements and best-practice principles

Digital and visual storytelling

  • In-house drone & digital team
  • Create engaging content that can be shared online
  • Use bespoke software to visualise construction schedules and impacts
  • Produce graphics and animations to clearly convey construction and engineering concepts
Drone shot of Moorhall Road

Agricultural liaison and land access

  • Liaison with farmers, rural communities and landowners
  • Negotiating land access and reinstatement
  • Coordinating land possessions with surveyors and solicitors

Social value

  • Creating and delivering social value strategies
  • Working with contractors to leverage local community investment opportunities
  • Publicising social value and community investment initiatives

Our Clients

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